How to Use NLP in Business and Sales

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) gives you the keys to business and sales. NLP does this by developing your communication and persuasion skills, which enables you excel in your business and sales. NLP brings to your door step many business and sales strategies which educates you on how to articulate what you offer, how to overshadow your competition and how to study your ideal customers to know how to create a rapport and at the same time make them benefit from your product or service.

Understanding your customer’s ‘preferred’ language;

By paying critical attention to how your customers speak in terms of their choice of words and sentence construction, you may figure out their preferred language.

In this context, there are 3 types of customers;

Auditory words: Customers who speak words like ‘listen’ or ‘hear’ and often make sentences like ‘can you hear what I am saying?’ fall under the ‘auditory words’ category.

Visual words: Customers who use words like ‘look’, ‘see’ or ‘picture this’, and like using illustrative and colorful words and who make sentences like ‘can you see what I mean?’. Are active members of this visual category.

Kinesthetic phrasing: Customers who focus more sensation and how we feel about something and who make sentences like ‘can you feel that? Belong to this category of customer’s preferred language.

Here are some NLP tricks, techniques and tools used for the development of business and sales strategies;

  1. Staying positive

Your ability to always stay positive is indispensable, this is an attribute that enables you excel in sales. For instance, you enter a market place and you see two sellers, one smiling at you and the other with a frown. I bet you would patronize the one who smiled at you. If you had a bad selling experience you can use another NLP tool known as “Reframing” to overcome such bad experience and restore your positive mindset.

  1. Word power

There are many words which have been discovered to have the ability to trigger certain emotions, and have been discovered to be essential in the attempt to influence others. Those words are variously called POWER WORDS or MAGIC WORDS.

For instance, to bring forth positive emotions, we use words like; success, happy, believe and triumph may be effective. To elicit curiosity words like secret, imagine, truth, and expose may be very efficient to trigger curiosity. So be mindful of your choice of words while negotiating with a potential client. Use words that trigger a sense of trust on your product or service.

  1. Mirroring

This NLP trick helps establish a rapport with your customer. NLP does this by teaching you the act of mirroring which involves you imitating the language, behavior, gestures, tone of voice, speech rate and opinions of you customers in order to establish a rapport, makes them comfortable and at same time he understands you better. Research has proven that we are attracted more to people who are like us.

Also, you can use your knowledge of preferred language discussed earlier in this article to identify the category your customer belongs to, and you should in turn use their preferred language to communicate with them.

  1. Active listening

By listening carefully to your customers without interrupting them you make them feel important and eventually build a rapport between you. So, mastering this NLP trick helps you influence others and win sales.

These are some of the most popular NLP tricks, tools and techniques, they are tested and trusted to be effective for business development and a suitable road map to sales success. Sales and indeed the business world entirely involves lots of persuasion since the competition is very stiff. With NLP, you will be better equipped to compete with competitors and convert prospects.