5 Strategies to Unlock your Higher Self

The people that are highly religious always think that the two voices in their heads are ‘God on one shoulder and the devil on the other’. But those two voices you often hear from within you are actually your survival instinct and your higher self. Your survival instinct will always try to point out those things that are not good in order to make you avoid problems while your higher self is the real you, the soul consciousness that is so, so much more than the physical form you know so well. This is what is referred to as survival technique.

So many times you are bound to listening to this part of your human mind that always points out your mistakes instead of concentrating on your higher self in order to unlock it. This is contrasting considering the fact that people want to be happy and accomplished.

Certain strategies have proven to be effective in helping people unlock their higher selves and they include:

  1. Concentrate on your higher self

While trying to unlock your higher self, make scale of preference about your purpose in life and concentrate more on the highest purpose of your life. Try to make yourself happy even when your life is not perfect because great life does not mean you have a Better life rather perfect life depends on how you appreciate your life happily. The more you try to make your life perfect the less time you have to enjoy yourself. Forgiving your own imperfections can also go a long way in building up your higher self.

  1. Nurture positive thoughts only.

Thoughts are the chief determinants of your moods and emotions. Though we all know that it is not possible for you to control all of the thoughts you get, but you can learn to influence them to your favor. You can influence your thought by trying to control how you respond to them because some of your thought are as a result of the way your brain work. You can develop positive thoughts by cultivating good thought which will help you grow stronger with time. Think of your thoughts as seeds that grow within you. You can cultivate wonderful crops, or you can let the weeds grow untended. This is why you have to constantly feed the thoughts that elates you. Try to see your positive and negative thoughts as two plants growing within a space with limited space. The plant you water grows and eventually dominates the other one. So pay more attention to what your higher self is saying and laugh off the not-so-good comments from your other half.

  1. Learn to Abandon the Victim Mentality.

Living in regrets and blame affects our happiness. True happiness is all about being Real and not being ecstatic about life. You have to stop apportioning blames on anything outside you for your condition, always accept that only you can create your reality. You have to know that only you have the key to your happiness. Always try to live a productive life instead of going around blaming one condition or the other about your short comings. Sometimes some of this blames makes us feel better but in actual sense it makes our mentality always keep in check and never allow us reach for our higher selves.

  1. Identify your own simple truth

Concentrate more on those things that you love the most, follow your heart, your passions, and your dreams. Always try to find meaning of your actions and know the purpose in whatever direction you decide to follow. They will go a long way in directing you to your simple truth, which is the path to your higher self and to becoming the divine being you were meant to be. Mind you that there are so many opportunities in life and the power to explore all those opportunities is in your hand. Therefore, bold steps should be taken to realize them.

  1. Explore more of your higher self through studies and meditation

The importance of unlocking one’s self is significant in the sense that happier and more confident people always achieve much more than unhappy and grumpy people. As a result of this, you have to read more about those actions that will build up your higher self. More positive meditations also can go a long way in building up your higher self.