Be the Master of your Time, Energy and Focus with NLP

NLP, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” is a technique, introduced by the duo John Grinder and Richard Bandler in 1972. A technique developed to not only enable you have absolute control of your life (time, energy and focus) but also gives you the knowledge to understand and deal with others accordingly and appropriately. Also, NLP does not only explain why things are happening in your life. It also teach you how you can have absolute control your life. It does this by helping you overcome your past, welcome your future and have control of your thoughts.

NLP works at three separate but coherent domains with respect to its three words (Neuro, Linguistic and Programming). By “Neuro”, NLP controls the quality of your thoughts. Your thoughts control your mind and eventually, your life (time, energy and focus). By “Linguistic”, NLP enables you get control of what and how you speak. It also helps learn how to build rapport with others through mirroring their language pattern. By “Programming”, NLP educates you on every step to take in order to control your time, energy and focus.

Some NLP Techniques for the Above Purpose

Just like every other person in this world, you certainly want complete control over your time, energy and focus. In the words of Wayne Dyer “I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.”, but NLP enables you take control of what goes on inside which to some appreciable extend determines what goes on outside. Below are some suitable NLP techniques for this purpose.

  • Set Priorities

You cannot effectively manage your time, energy and focus until you know what is important to you. Setting your key priorities for the next 3 months or more as the case may be is very essential, though they might change due to life events.

It is important to quickly review these priorities every day so as to establish them in your unconscious mind and gets you ready for the actual event.

  • Anchoring

Anchoring is an NLP technique which enables you takes control of your focus at any point in time. It does this by making association between what we feel, hear and see and our emotional states. By constantly or repeatedly exposing yourself to a particular/unique stimulus (sound, see and feel) while you focus on a particular emotional state, you call trigger that emotional state by executing that unique stimulus.  With this NLP technique you change your focus at any point in time.

  • Daily Routines

By mentally rehearsing how we want the day to go, and whatever exercise, relaxation and focus routines is very important for us as individuals. It also enables you manage your time effectively and your readiness (energy) for the set routines.

By so doing, our daily activities take very little of our time and energy, and we get to focus on our top priority activities.

  • Reframing

No life event is truly “unreframable”. You can at any point in time reframe your perception about an event with the use NLP. If a particular event makes you lose focus, this technique enables you see the bright sight of that event that will motivate you and increase your focus.

  • Designing our Environment

Having people around you keeps you energized, focused, creative and on track. Our environment can have the same impact; the color on the walls, the space and the pictures can either affect us positively or negatively. I personally like hanging my mentor’s pictures on the walls of my working environment. Each time I have a glimpse at them I get a sense of motivation.

  • Key Question Stack

Asking yourself great questions lead your thinking and your emotions, which in turn lead our behavior. The following is a list of great questions for some situations we may encounter.


  • Am I being productive or just active?
  • Is this worth investing my time, energy and focus on?
  • What am I going to stop doing?
  • What are we going to start doing?
  • What is our 3 priority for this period of time?
  • How can I help?
  • Where am I going?

NLP provides the practical ways to enable us control our time, energy and focus.