How to Use NLP to Achieve Peak Performance in Sports

As a sportsman, you will agree that your utmost desire is to achieve peak performance in your chosen sports path. You will normally put in extra practice and effort to ensure that you achieve this. Often time however, achieving peak performance is more of a thing of the mind than it has to do with physical efforts. This highlights the place of NLP in the achievement of peak performance in sports.

We will be sharing with you tips that can help you achieve what you thought you could never achieve in your career by applying tested and trusted techniques that are taught and practiced in NLP.

How Can NLP Help Me Achieve Peak Performance in Sports?

It is important to understand the actual part of NLP in achieving peak performance in sports. NLP will not automatically turn you into a sports top performer if you are not talented in the sport in question. What NLP will do for you is boost your performance when you are already functional in that sport by boosting your confidence and helping you put your emotions in check while competing.

In details:

  1. Control of Emotions:

Often time in our human existence we get dealt major emotional blows such as loss of loved one, broken or bad relationships to mention a few. These emotional traumas have the ability to greatly affect performance in sports. In fact, several sportsmen have dwindled away due to one emotional disaster or another in their lives. Another good example of the ability of emotions to control performance in sports is the intense emotions you experience when you are winning or losing a game. Your ability to keep your head in the game irrespective of what the score line is will go a long way in determining how you turn out as a Sportsman. With NLP, you will learn how to be in total control of your emotions and not allow it to interfere with your performance in sports. Several NLP techniques that one can use to control emotions are available. One good example is the technique of dissociation in which you try to dissociate yourself from the thoughts that are harming your emotion.

  1. Gaining Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is needed in most of the human endeavours and it is needed even more in sports. The confidence of a striker for instance will determine the number of seemingly impossible shots at goal that he attempts. Several NLP techniques have been developed for gaining self-confidence. They include:

  • The “picture it as a golden aura” technique: in this technique, you just have to picture self-confidence as an aura you can put on and remove at will. This way you can configure your mind into believing that you have put on your confidence before a game.

Other techniques for developing self-confidence in NLP are “the power of dissociation”, “Changing your self-talk”, “the stepping into the future technique”.

  1. Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is the chief problem of sportsmen. Anxiety can make you forget all of your practices and make costly mistakes on the higher stage. The hallmark of a top-performing sportsman is his ability to overcome his anxieties and keep his head in the game. NLP can program your mind so that you can live beyond anxiety.

NLP techniques for overcoming anxiety includes “reframing”, “handing it over to higher powers and other techniques”, “Sorting for the future”, and “focusing on what you want”.

  • Reframing

In reframing, you are basically changing the way you see anxiety, stress, worries and challenges. You can decide to see them as boosts that can drive you to newer heights and help you achieve new goals.

With the tips shared above, you can be rest assured that the sky is just a starting point for you. However, you will have to stick judiciously to the tips that we have shared here.