NLP Adventure

Those who have understudied the intriguing concept of NLP would normally agree that developing NLP skills and techniques is like taking part in an infinite adventure. NLP is more or less an exploration kind of thing that enables you to explore life to the fullest. Just like any other adventure, the study and application of NLP requires determination as it can sometimes be scary and require hard work. At such times, you are expected to show commitment. To offset such hurdles is the success and the attendant joy that comes with achieving great fits with valuable NLP techniques. It is this joy and success that makes the adventure and exploration worthwhile.

Many people get into client and embark on a journey to achieve several personal goals in their lives. Some of these goals and adventures that are common to NLP clients are listed below:

  1. Improvement of Communication and Master Persuasion.

NLP is perfectly suitable for achieving this goal. Some NLP techniques for achieving are:

  • Active Listening

The first thing to put in place before you can be really at good at communicating is that you have to learn how to be an active listener. An active listener does not just listen with his ears; he listens with his eyes. He notices the tone, choice of words and the gestures of the person he is listening to. This way he picks up even the subtlest of messages and is better prepared to communicate back. He uses the tone of voice and word choices of his speaker so as to create an enabling environment for his speaker. This encourages further communication. This ensures rapport, friendship and relationship.

For Persuasion, the adventure connotes mastering the following:

  • Invoke emotions: Positive emotions like hope, love, anticipation and fun are necessary in your attempt to persuade. Negative emotions like disgust, loneliness and anger can as well spur people into action.
  • Embedded commands: For instance, if I say, “Let’s go to the market” it is more difficult to resist than when I say “Do you want us to go to the market?”. Although it is politer to say the latter but it is an essential way to persuade.
  1. NLP in Business

For some, their NLP adventure is to be able to apply NLP in business.

For theses ones, the techniques to apply includes:

  1. Mirroring

This NLP trick helps establish a rapport with your customer. NLP does this by teaching you the act of mirroring which involves you imitating the language, behavior, gestures, tone of voice, speech rate and opinions of you customers in order to establish a rapport, makes them comfortable and at same time he understands you better. Research has proven that we are attracted more to people who are like us.

  1. Staying positive

Your ability to always stay positive is indispensable, this is an attribute that enables you excel in sales. For instance, you enter a market place and you see two sellers, one smiling at you and the other with a frown. I bet you would patronize the one who smiled at you. If you had a bad selling experience you can use another NLP tool known as “Reframing” to overcome such bad experience and restore your positive mindset.

For some, their NLP adventure is to enable them unlock their higher self. The adventure would normally include:

  • Nurturing positive thoughts only.
  • Concentrating on your higher self
  • Learning to Abandon the Victim Mentality
  • Identify your own simple truth
  • Exploring more of your higher self through studies and meditation

These improvements that are brought about by NLP are really beneficial because they can make it possible for individuals and organizations to kick-start their careers or businesses, overcome significant challenges, and improve the general quality of their lives.