Overview of Artificial Intelligence and Role of NLP

What is AI?

AI simply means Artificial Intelligence. In its purest form, it means the ability of machines to perform most of the intelligent tasks that would normally be reserved for humans. It simply means the ability of machines and systems to perform automated tasks by applying programmed intelligence. For you to duly consider AI, you have to consider the two main key components which are intelligence and automation.

What are the Stages Involved in Artificial Intelligence?

  1. Stage 1 – Machine Learning – This stage involves a set of algorithms that are used by the machines (intelligent systems) to learn from the experiences of humans, sort of like the programmers.
  2. Stage 2 – Machine Intelligence – This stage involves the advanced set of algorithms that are being used by machines to learn from experience. There are many examples of this and the most notable one is the Deep Neural Networks.

At this point, it is worthy of mention that the concept of Artificial Intelligence is currently at this stage of development.

  1. Stage 3 – the third stage is Machine Consciousness and this stage is a self-learning from of experience that basically requires no form of external data.

What are the Types of Artificial Intelligence Available?

When it comes to the field of Artificial Intelligence, lots of work have been done and many times have been developed over the period of time. Some of the most prevalent types of AI are hereby discussed below:

  1. ANI: this stands for Artificial Narrow Intelligence and it is composed of the basic tasks that can and are performed by personal assistants such as Alexa (developed by Amazon) and Siri (developed by Apple).


  1. AGI: this stands for Artificial General Intelligence and it is composed of human-level tasks that have been performed by AIs such as the self-driving cars by Uber, Autopilot developed by Tesla. This form of AI requires continual learning on the part of the machines.


  1. ASI: this stands for Artificial Super Intelligence and it refers to the type of intelligence that can be made way smarter than humans.

You might be wondering what the relationship between artificial intelligence and NLP can possible be. Here lies your answer. Neuro Linguistic Programming can also be programmed into the thoughts of machines. Yes, if it can be incorporated into our minds, then it can also be incorporated into the minds of machines after all, machines only learn the things we teach to them.

Every stage of the artificial intelligence programming can be done using the concepts and techniques that are prevalent in NLP. By this, it can be ensured that the machines make decisions that are only the most appropriate for the particular situation.

Even the programmers and creators of these AI can also benefit from the diverse principles of AI. The many concepts discussed and practiced in AI can help them reach to the deepest parts of their subconscious and come up with ground-braking innovations that were not thought possible to humans.

There you have it, the inter-relationship occurring between Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). One cannot truly function without the other.